Since Thanksgiving is coming up this week I thought I would use this week’s blog to share why I am grateful to be a writer during this decade.

  • Access to more literature than ever before
  • Technology makes it easier to write, edit, and be published
  • Social media makes it easier to share drafts and completed works with readers and other writers who can give me advice. It also makes it easier to directly connect with my target audience and build an even bigger audience.
  • Means of travel allow me to go to places I admire in literature or visit¬†historical author’s homes, places that offer inspiration. I can also go anywhere near and far to discuss literature, edit literature, write, read, attend conferences, contests etc. with people who share the same passion.
  • I have the choice to pick a publisher or self-publish. Self-publishing is also becoming easier.
  • Many different writing platforms and outlets-blogs, social media, e-books, contests. Every where I turn there is opportunity for me to write and share what I write!

thanksgiving-1060123_1920These are just some of the things I am grateful for as a writer in this modern world. I would love to hear what you are thankful for. Share your comments below or on my social media pages. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! I hope you have safe travels and enjoy the holiday season.