This is particularly relevant now since it is National Novel Writing Month! We are halfway through the month, so ideally we should all be halfway through our novels. 😉 Here are some tips provided by H.M Clarke at Book Marketing Tools to help all of us get through the rest of November.

  • Prioritize-Decide which minor goals will benefit your major end goal and then start with the most important and work down. Whether that’s meeting a certain word count/page count/chapters per day, gaining a certain number of social media followers per week, or writing a particular number of query letters, etc. its up to you, but evaluate what is going to benefit you and your goals the best.
  • Be Realistic, Not Negative-Sometimes deadlines cannot be met and that’s okay.  “It is important to not feel like a failure when this happens. What is important is to learn from the experience and ask yourself why you did not meet the deadline, and what you can do next time to prevent it from happening in the future.” –H.M Clarke
  • Write Like There’s No Tomorrow – Don’t Procrastinate!! There will always be something less important than your writing that will tempt to drag you away like cleaning, surfing Twitter, or shopping. Complete these tasks ahead of your scheduled writing time and you won’t be tempted to avoid writing.
  • Take Tiny Manageable Steps-Sometimes we try to take on too much at once and become “intimidated” by the tasks at hand. “Strip away the intimidation by breaking down the project into smaller, manageable tasks.” –H.M Clarke
  • Stay on Point by Using the Right Tools-Organize your goals and have those goals easily accessible and visible. You could use a calendar app, notebook, chalkboard, journal, post-its, etc.

I wish all of you a no stress, organized, happy, deadline meeting rest of the month!! I hope these tips encourage and motive you! Let me know what tips you are already using to meeting your writing deadline goals.