Six Years in the Making

I’ve officially finished writing my novel. The first draft of Twisting Fate clocks in at a whopping 48,500 words – about 175 pages in Word. I look at that and half of me thinks, “I just wrote my college thesis about six times.” The other half of me thinks, “That can’t possibly be long enough.”

Now on to the revision process. Revision. Revision. And then maybe some more revision.

So as I spend the next ___ weeks/months revising my manuscript, I thought I’d update this blog in the process and start some sort of “author” platform (that is if I can call myself an author).

In the off-chance you’re interested – here’s some back story:

I started writing Twisting Fate shortly after I graduated high school. I wanted to write a story with a strong, somewhat-sarcastic, independent female protagonist. Charlotte clearly popped into my mind with her vivid blue eyes, long dark hair, and sassy independence. I just had to figured out what made her that way.

I hate to say that it took me the six years, although it was probably only a week once I was actually writing, for me to figure out her back story. I knew the beginning, the middle, and the ending. The tricky part was writing it all down.

It took about six months between working full-time and writing as often as I could, to finish what I call, “Twisting Fate – The First Official Draft.” I’m now excited to say that I have finished The First Official Draft and started on the revision process. It’s kind of thrilling to think that an idea I had six years ago has finally been written down. Charlotte’s story is officially written and ready to be shared.

Here’s to the next six years!