1. Where did you get the idea for Twisting Fate?

​I honestly don’t know. It wasn’t one specific moment in time. It was years of building on other ideas until I had something that worked. The characters are really the only things that really remained the same. I first came up with the ideas for the characters and then the plot just followed.

When I first started writing this book Twilight was just reaching its high-point. Even though I’m a Twilight fan (Team Edward in the books, Team Jacob in the movies), I didn’t love the fact that Bella basically teaches girls that without a guy in their life they’re nothing. I knew I wanted to create a strong heroine with a slightly sassy attitude. Charlotte appeared clearly in my mind. The rest soon followed.

2. Where do you get your other ideas?

Everywhere. A pat down at airport security. A Wendy’s bathroom in downton Salt Lake. A creepy stairwell. A news article. A really awful date. I never seem to have a shortage of ideas. Although, I have to say not all ideas should be written down.

3. Do you believe in fate? 

No. And yes. That’s a tough question for me to answer. I believe a lot of things in life are meant to happen, but it’s up to us to come out of those situations better or worse. If there’s one thing I do believe in is that we’re placed in people’s lives, and people are placed in ours, for a purpose. I really relate to the song “For Good” from Wicked. So to answer your question…I don’t know. It really depends on your definition of fate. I do not believe that there is some unseen force that dictates all of our actions. I believe our choices are our own.

If what you’re really asking is “Do you believe in soul mates?” the answer is no.

4. Does Twisting Fate have a Playlist?

Why, yes! Yes it does! You can find it here.

5. Why did you decide to self publish?

That is a long story. If you want to read all about it (I need to warn you that it does contain ramblings) you can do so here.